Bucket List

Here is a list of things I want to do before I die. It’s different from a to-do list because these are super long term goals that will require a bit more planning and finances then that involved with baking a cake and eating it to.


  1. Witness something that takes my breath away
  2. Drive @ 200 mph (in a sports car) – Almost, drove 120 mph thinking I was in km/hr.
  3. Climb a mountain and watch the sun rise @ summit
  4. Get up on a surf board  – May 2013 in Santa Monica California. Took 30 minutes but made it up on the board thanks to my stubbornness and the help of my lovely coach.
  5. Spend a month in Bali surfing and meditating ( yes I’m a closet Eat. Pray. Love’r)
  6. Eat fresh figs in Greece
  7. Become a professional engineer – April 2017 Update – Passed my professional practice exam. 6 months of work experience left and application goes in!
  8. Inspire someone to pursue their dreams
  9. Drink Chai tea in India
  10. Own a cute little apartment on top of a coffee shop
  11. Cycle through Europe
  12. See the Scottish Highlands – June 2013. Drove from Edinburgh to Fort William and hiked Ben Nevis. Most unique landscape I have ever had the pleasure to see.
  13. Do yoga in Tibet
  14. Drive a motorcycle
  15. Learn a second language
  16. Laugh until I cry – we are talking legitimate tears here!
  17. Become truly appreciative of my life
  18. Make love not war
  19. Learn how to meditate
  20. Compete in an international speech competition
  21. Run a marathon
  22. Become a motivational speaker
  23. Live out of a backpack for a year (my attempt to be a minimalist)
  24. Be a jury member – May 2013. A two day trial that consisted of the victim screaming at the judge, running out of the courtroom and concluding with a mistrial.
  25. Do yoga on the beach – May 2013 in Santa Monica California. An hour and a half of vinyasa flow ending with tree poses in the waves and a very bad sun burn.
  26. Visit all 257 countries in the world. So far I’ve been to: BahamasBelgium,Canada,Cayman Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Democratic Republic of South Korea, France, Jamaica, Iceland, India, Mexico, Nepal, United Kingdom, Scotland, United States.
  27. Participate in 100 hikes. So far I’ve climbed: Ben Nevis, Scotland, Ben A’an, Scotland, Annapurna Valley 5 day Hike, Sky Top Trail
  28. Ride the worlds top ten roller coasters
  29. Be in Time Square for New Years Eve
  30. Learn how to salsa dance and dance salsa in Cuba – December 2014 in Havana, Cuba. Five days of Salsa classes and dancing the night away.
  31. Be in two places at once, straddle the international date line
  32. Belly dance in turkey
  33. Host a roof top dance party – July 2013 – Roof Top Salsa Party Salsa Party 2015
  34. Camp on the beaches of Portugal
  35. Backpack through New Zealand
  36. Be surrounded by cherry blossoms in Japan
  37. Kayak with my Dad for a month in Costa Rica
  38. Be apart of making a community

2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Looks like you are getting that to do list done….problem is when your part way done you think of another 30 things to add….Good luck and have fun doing them….remember it’s the journey not the destination love!

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