Never waste another moment waiting for your life to start because whether we like it or not, life is ever changing. Anicca is the Buddhist word used to describe impermanence. After going to Nepal and India on a Buddhist pilgrimage in 2014, the concept of Anicca really hit home for me. Whether the day brings on happy joyful experiences, stressful ones or sad moments its important that we acknowledge these events in life and enjoy them; soon they will be gone and another moment will be on the horizon. Take chances, make mistakes, fall flat on your face and get back up again. We are all given one shot at this thing called life so let’s make every second count!

Hi there, I’m Laura and welcome to my cozy home here on the world wide web. As per the paragraph above, I want to live every day to the fullest, treat my body the best and truly learn to enjoy every moment given to me while I’m alive (even the difficult ones). Although this seems to be more of a travel blog, I’m tackling my bucket list on here as well so not every post will have to do with me going somewhere else in the world.

Just a note about me, I practice a vegan whole foods plant based life style and feel by eating this way I have greatly improved my appreciation for my health and the planet. I will include as many links to awesome vegan restaurants as possible throughout my journey here on AniccaVegan.

Please Enjoy!

Ben A'an, Scotland

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