The Running Duck 

Day 30 – Lake Tekapo to Kaikoura, New Zealand 

There was a lot we fit into today. The plan was to make our way to the town of Kaikoura, a ocean town about 6 hours from Tekapo. We decided to climb mount John before hitting the road. The hike is 5 km round trip climbing 320 m in elevation and overlooks the town of Tekapo and is where the massive telescopes are. There was a cute coffee shop the top which interesting enough has the highest mailbox in the Southern hemosphere. 

Oh one thing to add before we leave LT. We stayed at the Parkhead Motel which #Thosetekaponutz claim to be the ugliest hotel in town resembling that of a military bunker. We were first of all just happy to not be sleeping in the Yaris and secondly thought the place was very cute, in a post cold war kind of way. 

Enroute to Kaikoura we stopped in the town of Gerlidine, known for its english country side vibe and manicured lawns. The town was really cute and had a little burger cafe called “The Running Duck”. We hung out there for awhile before heading to our next destination; Christchurch. 

At this point your probably thinking wow this is a long day and it was. We were not going to stop in Christchurch but both Daniel and Alexandra have not and would not have scene it unless we stopped through. It worked well for me because I dropped Big Yella off at the YHA hostel I’m staying at on Sunday. 

I didn’t miss much in Christchurch from my itinerary change at the beginning of the trip; that was aparent today. It seems like you only need an hour in Christchurch to realise the city will be beautiful once all the construction is complete from the earthquake a few years ago but for now it’s a pretty boring place. 

From Christchurch to Kiakoura it was another 3 hour drive. We made it here just past 8 pm and are so far not disappointed. The hostel is cute and has a kayak surf vibe. The town is small but has a few cute coffee shops and eateries and the ocean is right in front of you the entire time. 
The day ended on a very positive note with me finding an alternative pair of pants! The hostel had a clothing swap box and I found a pair of jean shorts just my size. Thank god because doing laundry when you only have two pairs of pants and no PJ’s is not an easy task. 

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