Little Blues 

Day 31 – Kiakoura, New Zealand 

Did you know penguins only live in the Southern hemisphere? And, polar bears only live in the Northern hemisphere? The cartoon below is telling us lies,these two have never met before!

The Kiakoura Ocean Research Institution (K.O.R.I) puts on a penguin awareness program in Kiakoura which Daniel, Alexandra and I went to this evening. Turns out there are over 100 Little Blue penguins that live and nest around the Coast Guard building in Kiakoura! The instituion does research on these cute little guys and brings a few people a few times a week to learn about them and watch them come home to their nests at night! We saw 3 of them around 10:30 pm. These guys are out all day swimming looking for food for them and their babies and because it was a very bright moon tonight they took a little while longer to come home. Because they are the smallest of all penguins, they are the most vulnerable. As such they only walk on land when it’s dark. You could hear their little squeaks in the moon light as they were communicating if the coast was clear. I didn’t get any pictures because they are very sensative to white light and it was dark at night. 

Other then the penguins you didn’t miss much today folks. Bummed around the ocean, grabbed some lunch, took a nap, oh and got carried over a stream by a lovely kiwi. He had just finished carrying his wife across the stream and I really didn’t want to get my shoes wet so he walked back over and piggy backed me across. It was so random.

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