2 am Seats to the Sky 

Day 29 – Village of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 

Lake Tekapo is designated as a dark sky reserve (one of only eight in the world and the only one in the southern hemisphere) and therefore known worldwide for it’s night sky. This was the main reason we stopped in LT. The best time to see the stars apart from it being a clear night is between the hours of 1 am to 3 am at this time of the year. Because we are all grannies and can’t stay up that late, we went to bed and set an alarm for 2 am. 

It was a struggle to pull ourselves out of bed but we did it and took our sleeping bags into the cool (+6 celcius) morning air and laid on the beach to marvel at the perfect night sky. The Milky Way was brilliantly visable along with hundreds of constalations. We almost fell asleep on the beach this morning looking at the sky. 

A second thing this town is know for is it’s tiny stone church that sits on a hill just above the Lake. Alexandra was reading the descripition of the town from her loney planet book and it sounded like this was a quaint tucked away church you should see if time permits. Turns out this is THE ATTRACTION of Lake Tekapo. There were swarms of tourists around this church all day yesterday and today. You literally could not get a photo without at least 10 people in it. There was also this random dog statue that is heavily photographed which I’m sure no one knows why they are taking a picture of a brass dog but if enough people do it, it becomes a must have photo I suppose. 

When you travel you are bound to run into a few nuts along the way. We did not expect that they would come in the form of the owner of a hot nut selling truck. This brings me to the third best thing about this town that who knows may someday make it famous; The owner of the Tekapo nut truck. He overheard Alexandra talking about finding a Kiwi man and gladly offered for us to join him for breakfast. We politly declined but then bumped into him again at the nut truck an hour later. We started talking with him and his assistant and some how got free nuts and invited to a communist breakfast at his house tomorrow. It was a rediculously entertaining conversation to say the least. In tribute to the nut team, we are starting a hashtag which we are sure will go viral. #ThoseTekapoNuts 

We were all pretty tired from yesterday’s insain hike (well Alexandra and I were, Daniel mustered up enough energy to go for a 8 mile run in the afternoon). I wanted to get on the lake so Alexandra and I rented stand up paddle boards! I was doing some yoga poses on mine (which p.s is not easy) and fell in the water which turned out to be very refreshing. Thank god my phone was in the dry bag! 

The fourth and final thing about this town that people from all around the world come to visit are the natural hot pools situated in the prestine untouched side of Mount John. Ok this place is literally like a public swimming pool but claims to be filled with natural hot springs water. Didn’t feel that way but whatever it was nice to soak and relax in the evening. 

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