Ice Bergs in the Land of Cook 

Day 27 – Wanaka to Village of Mount Cook, New Zealand 

Wanaka is this cute summer town that I gather is where all the Kiwi’s used to go to escape the tourism chaos that is Queenstown. I have a felling over the last few years the village has changed a lot cause this place was packed with food trucks and outdoor cafes. Lovely none the less but not quite as sleepy as it once must have been. 

Alexandra woke up at 3:45 am with a few Irish guys to hike the Roys Peak Track with the hopes of watching the sun rise over the peaks around Lake Wanaka. I opted to sleep but enjoyed along with you all the gorgeous photos she works so hard to get. The hike, as per google, is 8 km one way with 1220 m elevation gain. They summited in just under 2 hours! 

The team hung out on a patio sipping coffee this morning for a few hours. We then proceeded to make our way to Mount Cook. Before we left, we had to get a picture with #thatwanakatree. It’s a tree in the lake that is photographed at least a million times a year. 

Mount Cook is a cute village inside the Aoraki Nation Park and like most National Parks development is greatly reduced. The nearest grocery store is 65 km away. The Village pretty much consists of hotels. The only thing to do in Mount Cook is hike which is fine with us. We did a tiny hike up to the Tasman Glacier where bits of the glacier have brocken off and now float in the recently formed lake. The bits of ice kind of look like baby ice bergs. 

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