1800 m to the Base of Heaven 

Day 28 – Village of Mount Cook to Village of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 

Today was breath-taking. Pictures speak a thousand words. We complete a 20 km 1800 m elevation gain hike literally straight up at times having to climb rocks and scramble to Muller Hut. Along the way we had incredable views of Mount Cook (the tallest mountain in New Zealand) and a two glaciers. Just before the hut we encountered snow. 

Following our hike we hit the road to Lake Tekapo. This whole region (Wanaka, Mt Cook, Lake Tekapo) is the hot spot for Kiwi vacationing during the holidays. We didn’t have accomidation booked for Lake Tekapo and every website imaginable said there was 0 availibility until February! Alexandra called a few places and after getting referrals from people we managed to find a studio apartment with two beds looking onto the lake! When we arrived, the place was kind like a trailer park but it has a roof and bathroom so we are not complaining! 

During our afternoon walk in the busy town of Lake Tekapo (jokes, there are under 10 restaurants and a visitors center only), we came across this advertisment for live music tonight by Kaylee Bell; a country music singer who has opened for Keith Urban before! We went to the show and I was literally 1 meter away from her, mainly because that was the only seat availible. She’s a local kiwi from a small village an hour from here and is home for the holidays. 

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