Christmas in Wanaka 

Day 26 – Te Anau to Wanaka, Kepler Treck Day 4, New Zealand 

This morning started with fellow backpackers singing christmas carols in the kitchen while preparing breakfast and getting mobilized for our final leg of the Kepler. You have the option on this treck to walk 6 km and detour to Rainbow Reach car park or continue an addional 9 km to get back to the starting point. It was pouring rain this morning so myself along with everyone else opted to grab the shuttle at Rainbow. 

The hike was through the forest and all I remember was being soaked waiting in the shelter at Rainbow Reach smelling like 4 day old sweat along with 30+ other hikers. We all crammed into the tiny shuttle that only held 20 and made our way back to Te Anau before noon. 

I then met up with my Cali friends, Daniel and Alexandra who just finished the Routeburn treck. Alexandra bought us all kiwi bandana’s for xmas which was so cute! Although I look like a legit gangsta from Compton. We found this zip line in this park in Te Anau before we left for our road trip and had a few races on them. 

 Together the three of us jammed big yella and my new pack into their tiny Yaris and we hit the road to Wanaka. On the way we stopped in Queenstown in an attempt to find food on christmas day. The first spot we came across was a Japanese Sake bar. After a 2 hour wait we had a lovely christmas lunch of seaweed salad, sushi and tofu/ veggie noodle bowls. 

Alexandra along with the kiwi bandana’s bought a little maskot for our trip. She bought a “Make it yourself kiwi sheep christmas ornament” craft kit. After lunch we grabbed a coffee for the road and the line was so long, Alexandra started sowing the sheep together in the coffee shop. The barista’s were quite amuzed and sad to see Mr. Sheepie go away. 

When you road trip, you always seem to stumble upon the most random of things; like a fence made of bras. Yes. You read correct. There is this breast cancer bra demonstration in the town of Cardrona. Of course we needed to take jumping off rock photos. 

We arrived in Wanaka around 7 pm. The front end guy at my hostel happened to be from Edmonton! After a little persuasion with a 10 dollar bill, I talked him into doing my laundry while Alexandra, Daniel and I hit the beach for some swimming, jumping off a dock and sunbathing with the last few raise of the day. 

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Wanaka 

  1. ohhhhhh so much fun…… need to travel more!
    Remember you promised you would look after the boys if I wanted to travel!

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