What Glows in the Night

Day 12 – Westport to Fox Glacier, New Zealand 

Bazil’s hostel and surf school is a super cute hostel in Westport. I was sitting in a hammock and in complete bliss yesterday evening until this little honk came from the road outside. Shuffle shuffle shuffle and what comes from around the corner? Kiwi Experiancers! Kill me now. Kiwi Experiance is a bus company that all the 20 something European and Austrailian kids take. It’s a total party bus and everyone coming off of it just looks ready for alcohol, partying and sex. And Bazil’s is their hostel. Needless to say it ended up being a long night and any thoughts of staying a second day in Westport went out the window at about 10 pm.

As such, I changed my buses and travelled 7 hours from Westport to the town of Fox Glacier. It’s about 30 minutes down the road from Franz Joseph glacier. Phil recommended Fox over Franz as it’s more quaint and less touristy.  That was very apparent when our bus of about 50 dwindled down to a count of 6 after stopping in Franz. 

I decided to stay at the Ivry Towers Backpackers Hostel as there are only two hostel options in Fox and Aaron and Kira both made it sounds like staying at the Ivry is a right of passage when travelling through New Zealand. I don’t know if it’s a good right of passage or a survive the experiance and never go back right of passage. 

I met some girls from France and Germany while making dinner (Mao, Heather and Theresa). Heather and Theresa invited me for a night time walk through the forest to look at the GLOW WORMS! Of course I’ll walk through the woods at night to see glowing larva! Why say no to that? 

So tourists are entertaining (yes I know I am one). They go for a walk in the pitch black and see a few glow worms and take a photo with their cameras… with the flash. Ya. I’m watching them try and get a shot of these little suckers and think to myself “mental photo check! Now google a photo to put on my blog”. I think of myself as a smart tourist 🙂 

2 thoughts on “What Glows in the Night

  1. Laura I’m so enjoying your blog … You truly are a incredible and amazing old soul….I feel like I’m with you on this journey yet I’m on the the other side of the world… Paul would have so enjoyed this one…yet I think he’s watching you from heaven!😙😙😙

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