Vegan Food in Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland Day 6 – December 13th 2016

So the weather today was shitty… really shitty. Rain and more rain. The plan was to take a local city bus to the hiking center at Mt. Esja and hike to the top. It’s supposed to be a nice 6 km walk on a well-defined path with a gorgeous view of the city below. Had it not been torrential downpour we would have considered it.

However, as the weather being as it is we decided to spend the day window shopping and eating. Two things us Creswell ladies do very well. Reykjavik has three main streets that are perfect for window shopping. We came across this cute little photography gallery and found the perfect picture that mom says represents me best. It’s a black sheep jumping amongst a sea of white sheep., all excited to be the odd one out. Yet that’s me in a nut shell.

In between getting wet and taking off gloves, hats and coats and putting them back on again, we found ourselves visiting Hallgrímskirkja church. I’d say this is probably the most famous landmark in Iceland. You could go to the top and look onto the old city of Reykjavik but with the weather being the way it was, we decided to save our money for vegan food!

Other than walking and eating we didn’t do a whole lot else today. Oh we did go into the Harpa building which is Iceland’s performing arts center/ concert hall. The buildings exterior is made of honeycomb glass structures which different colors of light shine through at night.

Oh all the vegan food. I must say, this trip has had no lack of delicious vegan treats. I think I’ll always associated Iceland with soup as it seemed to be on our menu daily. I’ve listed below all the restaurants we went to and a summary of what we liked (or didn’t like) about them.

Kaffi Vinyl – Best and only full vegan restaurant in Reykjavik (perhaps all of Iceland). You must try the vegan lasagna and brownies when visiting this place. We went back this evening for desert.

Kaffinusid Gardurinn – Our favorite vegan restaurant on the trip. This cute café is only open from 11 – 5 Mon thru Sat and only has 2 things on the menu each day. The menu rotates so depending on which day you go, you’ll have two new options. The soup (of course) was spectacular and wouldn’t be complete with out a hearty piece of fresh Icelandic bread. We had the sweet potato soup and the tofu chili with salad and brown rice. The food was very wholesome with a homecooked feel.

Bryggjam Brugghus – This was the first mirco brewery in Iceland. Both mom and I are not much drinkers, let alone beer drinkers, but on our last night we figured we’d try this place out. I wasn’t a fan of the atmosphere of the restaurant as it was very typical to that of a north American chain restaurant like Joey’s or Moxies, but the roasted cauliflower appetizer they serve was amazing. The restaurant also had a full vegan Christmas menu. Between the table bread, beer and cauliflower we had no room for entrees. Instead we figured dessert was in order.

C is for Cookie – Not a great café. Yes there are some vegan options but every other place we went to was way better.

Café Babalu – The coziest little café on the island (based on our limited sampling). The café has a lower and upper level. The walls are covered from floor to roof with little trinkets so you could spend hours looking around. They have two vegan desserts on the menu, a vegan carrot cake and an apple crumble. The carrot cake had a icing layer an inch thick so we opted for the apple crumble.

Glo Engjateigur – Great place to go if your looking for a quick lunch or something to take on a bus trip. This restaurant has a rotating daily menu and 5 vegan salads to choose from. The atmosphere was nothing special but the location was handy as it was 2 blocks from our hotel.

Ramen Momo – Loved this place. I’m sure it’s because of the dumplings. I am a dumpling lover. In fact I really should rename this blog to be something like “Momo Moster”. The ramen soup has lots of flavor but I think the best part of this restaurant is how small it was.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Food in Reykjavik

  1. Hey there, you haven’t landed yet but I’m ready to live vicariously through you. Miss you already but will watch your adventures from a far.

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