That Stupid Cute Duckie

Reykjavik, Iceland to Edmonton, Alberta Day 7 – December 14th 2016

Today is our last day in Iceland. Word to the wise, never go way for only 7 days when you have >4 hours time different. Last night mom and I were up watching chick flicks till 2 am again.

Our plans for the day consisted of going to the Blue Lagoon in the morning then catching our flight back to Edmonton in the afternoon.

The Blue Lagoon is probably the most touristy thing you could do in Iceland. I would not be surprised if they get 100-500 visitors every hour every day. Even in the winter you must book 2-3 days in advance. At $100 CAN an entrance, this establishment is bringing in mega bucks. I’d be curious to see how the profits are shared. As the lagoon waters themselves are likely owned by the government because they are a natural resource, I’m sure there is a profit sharing between them and the private company that runs the place.

The lagoon is located 40 mins from Reykjavik and 20 mins from the airport so it’s a great activity to do when you first arrive or when your heading home. The weird thing about the location is it’s pretty much right next to a power plant. Like 3 blocks away. There are a bunch of above ground pipes leaving the power plant in the direction of the lagoon but as the lagoon advertise, the water is natural geothermal sea water and regenerates every 40 hours. And we all know corporate advertising is 100% true.

The lagoon was nice, as today we had rain again and lots of wind, it was a great activity to do. We got mud masks and algae masks, sipped carrot apple ginger juice and floated around the pool for about an hour. After that I started getting dizzy and we decide to hit the road. On the way out, we paid for my second drink and a luggage storage fee. It cost 1,940 krona. All we had left over were coin change and I kid you not, we had 5 krona extra (that’s like 1 cent Canadian) left after paying. Talk about budgeting the trip perfectly.


We are now on the airplane home. Back to the land with more than 4 hours of sunlight! The end.

Oh wait, that stupid cute duckie! I forgot to mention him! The hotel we stayed at was the Canopy by Hilton and it was delightful (minus our neighbor moving furniture around at 2 am last night). They have great decorating taste. In particular, a wooden duckie in our room with rain boots. Mom loved this stupid duckie and every day was talking about it and how she wished she could bring it home with her. Well this morning while packing up, I snuck it into her luggage while she wasn’t looking. We had everything zipped up and ready to go and she turned to say good-bye to the duck. “Where’s the duckie Laura?”. I kind of looked around all innocent like and wished she hadn’t noticed. Being the rule following person my mom is, she found the duck in her bag and put it back. That’s all fine and dandy following the rules but I swear, I will never hear the end of this stupid duckie!



2 thoughts on “That Stupid Cute Duckie

  1. Great camera you have! You know your mother—very honest! The little duckie is cute and it would have been a nice memento of your trip. Tsk tsk she will go to heaven😇

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