Chile; Where Life Long Friendships Grow

Melipeuco, Chile to Edmonton, Canada Day 16-17 – February 17-18th 2016

An so it is, everything that starts must come to an end. I’m on my third plane in the last 24 hours and figured it would be a good time to close up this adventure. For the record, to get from Melipeuco, Chile to Edmonton, Canada, I’ve had to take a 2-hour bus ride, 30-minute cab drive, 2-hour domestic flight to Santiago, 10-hour international flight to Dallas, 2.5-hour domestic flight to Phoenix, then a 3.5-hour international flight to Edmonton. The things I do for once in a life time memories!

What can I say; Chile is an amazing country. I only had a chance to see one small part of it but what I can summarize is the landscape is breathtaking and the people are too kind. Through all the camping, hosteling, walking, trekking, waiting and sleeping, I had the privilege to be a visitor in this lovely country; with one of my most cherished friends. Together I think we could say we had an authentic experience. Without taking the wrong bus, sliding down water falls, napping on the side of the road, tenting right next to a ship and hitch hiking at the bottom of a volcano, we wouldn’t have experienced Chile.

It’s always sad flying away from the adventure back to reality. But with that comes the humility to be thankful for the experience I had and the excitement for the next adventure to come along.

It turns out I didn’t starve, Simone and I literally ate our way through my backpack. I started the trip with a 19 kg bag and ended it in Santiago with 13 kgs.

I think the two funniest things from the trip where all the random sunburns I got and all the places I managed to nap. Sunburns included:

  • on top of my head
  • on a portion of my left forearm
  • on both shins
  • on the tops of my feet to match my sandals
  • on the right side of my face (while falling a sleep in the park next to the fish market in Valdivia)
  • beside my left arm Pit

Places I slept included:

  • On the side of the road in Cuchamo on my backpack
  • On a rock at la junta
  • In a park next to the fish market in Valdivia
  • Every bus we were on
  • On the beach at the bottom of the Sierra Navada trail in Congio national park
  • In the airport right next to my connecting gate in which I almost missed my flight!

Yep the trip was great, but the best part and the thing I’ll remember most about it was spending 3 weeks with Simone! Friends are worth so much in life and being able to spend three weeks together laughing was the most priceless part of the journey. We’re planning on backpacking in Portugal, we promised before we turn 30, here’s to hoping it’s sooner than that! Until next time, happy travels!


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