Sierra Nevada Hike

Conguillio National Park Day 14 – February 15th 2016

Hitch hiked 2 km this morning with some park rangers then walked 1 km to the Serena Nevada trail head. This is supposed to be one of the best hikes in the park so we figured we should do the 11 km round trip trail. The elevation climb is about 550 meter. We were literally climbing for almost 2 hours. Not nearly as hard as La Junta’s Arco Iris trail but it was still a work out. The hike provided spectacular views of the lake, water falls, a small glacier and the  Llaima Volcano. On the way down we watched a woodpecker about 25 meters from us.


The trail is connected to Sendero de Chile which once complete will be a series of connected trails that extend the entire country! You can do a 3-4 day backpack which starts on the Sierra Nevada trail and goes over the glacier along a few peaks.

In the pictures below, I circled where our lookout point was and where we began our hike, just so you can visualize how high 550 meters is.



After our hike, we spent an hour or so soaking up the sun at the beach at the beginning of the trail. Things I will remember from that nap are that lava rock is pointy and sharp and Chilean kids are very cute.

To get back to our camp site, we hitch hiked with a lovely couple who were from Santiago and it was their first time in the park. To celebrate another great hike and day, we went to the Cantina and had an ice cold sparkling water.

Spent the afternoon reading and relaxing followed by a dinner of pasta and a side dish of laughter 🙂

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