Hitch Hiking to Conguillio

Melipeuco to National Park of Conguillio Day 13 – February 14th 2016

Lovely sleep at the hostel, probably one of the best of the trip. We had breakfast at the hotel and an old couple from Argentina talked with us for at least an hour. They then asked to take a picture with us which was odd as we only met them that morning. Simone and I were hoping they would take pity on us and drive us the 35 km into the National Park of Conguillio. Our sad helpless smiles didn’t work.


The plan was to get the bus at 1 pm that goes to the entrance to the park but as we were an hour and half early, we decided to try hitch hiking to the park. Yes hitch hiking! I would never consider doing it in Canada but when your carrying a 19 kilo pack and its 30 degrees outside, your judgement and standards can be compromised very quickly. It took us a whole 2 minutes of sticking out our thumbs when a car with 3 girls our age pulled over and offered to drive us not just to the park, but almost to the campsite. Once we got dropped off, we still had 2.5 km to walk to the camp site. We were lucky though and a family of 5 pulled over in their SUV that was already packed to the rim. Some how, Simone and I along with our two infant sized packs managed to fit into the car.


Now we were told multiple times before getting to the park that the campsites were all full, so after hitch hiking up here, we were just crossing out fingers that we would get a space for our tent. The gamble paid off! After waiting for an hour, we were give a 1 meter by 1-meter plot of land for our tents! I know, not exactly camping in the wilderness but we have a place to sleep for the next two days!


Spent the afternoon on the beach and evening going for an hour walk. For a snackie at the local cantina, we tried this native dish called Humita which is mashed corn steamed in corn husks. Supposedly vegan but I wouldn’t be surprised if lard happened to be in it. You eat the dish hot or cold with sugar or salt. I had mine with hot sauce!


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