Do How the Seal Lions Do

Valdivia and Niebla Day 11 – February 12th 2016

Overcast morning with mix of sun and cloud. We realized there’s not much to do here in Valdivia as we went to Niebla (a town near by) to check out the fort and ocean views, or lack there of with the weather.

On the way to the bus station, we passed by a used book sale outside. There were a bunch of old camera’s, records and other trinkets for sale.

After getting to Niebla, we spent a half hour walking around the old fort then the rest of the morning at a cafe drinking tea and reading. Not much more to report for the rest of the day, we went back to Valdivia to walk around through the fish and vegetable market and watch the sea lions. They are so cute!

We managed to waste the afternoon away napping on the grass along the ocean getting way too sun. I neglected to flip over and get equal sun on both sides of my body; I’m pretty sure I burnt half of my face.


As today is Valentines day and Simone and I are both single, we figured we’d enjoy a lovely dinner of rice and re-hydrated lentils with sliced tomatoes 🙂 Definitely one Valentines day to remember.


We’re off to Temuco tomorrow on the way to Conguillio National Park.

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