Camping Next to Ships

Cochamó to Valdivia Day 10 – February 11th 2016

Today we left Cochamó , a region of Chile that has carved a special part in mine and Simone’s hearts. There’s something about the region that’s so unique and untapped by foreign influence.

Our destination from here, the city of Valdivia. The city is known for it’s brewery and German influenced architecture. To get there, we back tracked to Puerto Varas where we waited 5 hours to catch the bus to Valdivia. Our bags getting on the 7:30 am bus were still wet, luckily our clothing dried for the most part over night. My passport and Chilean peso’s however are damp. In fact, purchasing my bus ticket in Puerto Varas, I pulled out a 10,000 peso note and had to fan the water off it. I handed it to the ticket holder and he looked at me and Simone then then note, then back at us as if we were crazy handing him a dripping wet note. When I didn’t move, he proceeded to grab toilet paper and dry off the note. It was too funny, what can I say, this sort of thing happens when you backpack.

After killing 5 hours in Puerto Varas which included another stop at the vegan food truck, we embarked on the 3 hour journey to Valdivia. Luckily, this time we were on the right bus.


We got to Valdivia and I think it’s safe to say we were not impressed. The bus terminal is located away from the downtown and we ended up walking 45 minutes to get to the town square. From there we began the search for accommodations, preferably camping.

On our way to the tourist information center, Simone and I were walking through the crowds of people when all of a sudden, the was no one, we looked around us then heard a loud “arrrff” sound. I remember looking down at this huge Sea Lion yelling at me. We were literally 1 meter from him. It was cute and terrifying at the same time. Two more of them were close by and at least a dozen just off shore.

After the Sea Lion incident, we got directions to the only camp site in the city. They had just enough room for 1 tent, but that was good enough for us.

The walk to the “campsite” was interesting. The instructions given to us was “go past the university and the site will be right next to the Yate club”. Lol, 30 minutes later (although it felt like 1 hour with our wet heavy packs) we passed the Yate club and still didn’t see the campsite. We asked a local on the street and they said “go down that side road towards that ship and it will be on your right”. Of course this was all in broken Spanish which added to the sketchiness. We followed the instructions and rang the door bell (yes door bell!) to the property. The gate opened and we are confronted with a backyard full of tents. Literally at least a dozen!


Once we got past the sketch factor and scrounged up enough space to pitch one tent, we actually were really happy we were there. You honestly can’t buy this kind of experience!

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