I Never Thought It Could Rain This Much

Cochamó Los Lagos Region Day 9 – February 11th 2016

Packed up and left La Junta today. The forecast called for rain beginning at 11 and ending at Sunday. All the hiking paths in the area are treacherous when wet with the mud and granite surfaces so we figured might as well spend Saturday traveling to our next destination vs. sitting (in my case lying) in our tents. It was a good call. The whole way down the valley poured rain, we were soaking by the end with mud practically embedded in our skin. I’ve never experienced so much rain while hiking.

We got picked up by the same hostel host who brought us to the trail head. Waiting for them, we bought Sopapilla, fried bread covered in ketchup. Ya not the greatest treat following a hike but it took my mind off every muscle in my body pounding from the exercise endured the past 3 days. At this point we were dying for a shower and hot cup of tea so we decided to stay at the same hostel for the night.

We spent the rest of the day getting clean, attempting to dry our stuff and relaxing. The hostels dryer isn’t working but our clothes are so dirty we decided to get them washed and hope they will dry over night inside. Here’s to hoping!


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