Vegan Food Truck in Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas to Cochamó Day 5 – February 8th, 2016

Today we are heading to Cochamó. A little town in the Los Lagos region of Chile. It is the launch town for a lot of trekking and climbing. Our bus leaves for the town at somewhere between 3-4:30 today. I say between because we’ve talked to three different people and all have said the bus comes at different times and there are “only 3 buses” that go a day, one in the morning and two in the afternoon… we think.

We spent the morning in hostel talking to Chileans about Chilean health care and education reforms and the economy as it related to engineering and infrastructure. There are loads of engineers right now out of work in the country as the copper industry here is in a recession. It appears the country is investing a lot in infrastructure dollars as we’ve scene lots of projects during our travels being funded by the federal government.

So the fuel situation changed since yesterday. In the fine print of my stoves manual it states that if you are to use kerosene, you need to reconfigure something in the stove and perhaps buy an attachment, I don’t know for sure the instructions made little sense. In any case I’d like to have a working stove for years to come so I opted to not use kerosene. We are back to square one folks. Good thing Simone’s stove has worked well thus far.

Lunch today was super exciting, more exciting than yesterday. Instead of just finding a vegan option, we found a VEGAN FOOD TRUCK!!! Yes I was shocked and super happy! The name of the truck is Bless Yuz, so cute!

3 pm came around and as we were walking to the buses, we found out the bus to Cochamó just showed up!


When we got to Cochamó we were supposed to get picked up by our hostel hosts at the bus stop. We asked a shop owner near by and confirmed this was the only bus stop in the town. After waiting 2 hours, resorting to sesame snaps for dinner and perhaps falling asleep on my backpack on the side of the road, Simone suggested she look for a phone. Half hour later, our hostel hosts showed it. Turns out yet again, there was more miss communication.


We spent evening packing bags for our 4-day backpacking hike to La Junta. We also chatted with another hostel guest who was American from Seattle. He’s bee travelling since 2014, and also happened to be an environmental engineer.


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