Wrong Buses and Right Fuels

Ancud to Puerto Varas Day 5 – February 8th, 2016

Rainy day in Ancud. We ended up spending most of the morning chilling at the hostel as the weather was undesirable. Our luck of getting a bus straight to Puerto Varas was unsuccessful but we were able to grab a bus to Puerto Montt. Puerto Varas in 30 minutes from Puerto Montt and local buses are always leaving from here.

puerto varas

Once we got to Puerto Montt, we got on a local bus, bound for what we thought was Puerto Varas. I sat right in the front. The bus driver was speaking to me in Spanish, I had no clue what he was saying, it was good times. Sales men were getting on and off the bus between stops selling things like pop and head sets to passengers. The experience was quite authentic… and became even more so when we pasted the exit for Puerto Montt. I turns out the bus we were on was heading back to Chiloe!!!

The bus driver dropped us off on the highway close to a bus stop. We grabbed a bus back to Puerto Montt, and started all over again. Peurto Montt summed up is a place that I just want to wash down with a power washer. Dirty streets, graffiti everywhere, everyone in a hurry. Needless to say we were unenthusiastic to be returning.

Our second attempt to get to Puerto Varas today was a success. I was super excited to go to Puerto Varas as they have a restaurant that has vegan lentil burgers, at least that’s what Happy Cow indicated. Turns out that restaurant was no longer veg friendly. Good news was that there were a bunch of food trucks along the lake in the town and one had vegan falafel! First meal not from a dehydrated pack this trip.

After our bellies were full, we began the search for lodging. We were recommended by our food truck people a hostel in town on top of a hill about 5 minutes walk from the center plaza. It turned out the hostel also had camping in its backyard! I know camping in the middle of a town??? It was very unusual but super cheap.

This evening, we watched an outdoor concert in the town square. While waiting for French fries two young kids were speaking in Spanish about this juggler juggling fire light objects in the middle of the street at stop lights. They said the word kerosene and Simone and I were like “OMG this dude could totally tell us where to find kerosene for my camp stove”. We asked him and he pointed to the gas station! derp. I could hear my father in the back of my mind, “4 years… 4 years of university and you didn’t even learn where to find kerosene or gasoline” in his sarcastic papa like tone 🙂 We’ve been looking everywhere for either white gas, unleaded gasoline or kerosene for my stove and no one sold it… Except gas stations! Sometimes things that are so obvious are soon overlooked.


In case you’re interested in how much transportation, lodging and food costs in Chile, I’ve summarized a few things below for your consideration.

  • Bus ride from Ancud to Puerto Montt 4500 peso = $9 CAN – included ferry ride
  • Municipal bus from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas 500 peso = $1 CAN
  • Camping in back yard 9000 peso = $18 CAN (but 5 min walk to middle of downtown)
  • Vegan falafel burger and Coca Cola 4900 peso = $10 CAN
  • Hostel in Ancud 30000 peso for double bed = $60 CAN
  • Hostel in Castrol 12000 peso per bed = $24 CAN

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