Apple Festival in Llau Llao

Llau Llao, Chile Day 4 – February 7th 2016

Woke up this morning at 4:45 am to none other than the sound of a rooster on one side of me and an exceptionally loud Chilean snoring on the other. In the background I could hear the ocean waves, so I guess it was a compromise.

For breakfast I had left over potatoes from dinner with re-hydrated tofu scramble and fresh cut tomato, bread and re-hydrated peanut butter 🙂 yep camping with Laura is pretty tasty! While making breakfast there was a chef in the cooking room of our camp site impromptu rapping to a melody playing on his boom box. I obviously understood less than 1% of what he was saying but what I gathered was that he was rapping about the Island of Chiloe. That was really cool to see.

We said fair well to our new friends at the campsite and made our way to Castrol. From Castrol we grabbed a bus to Llua Lloa where the annual apple festival was taking place. I know apple festival in February? For all of my Canadian friends this seems really odd as apple season in Canada is in October while the leaves are turning colour and its sweater weather, not when it’s 25 degrees Celsius and summer.


The festival was great to see, not because of the entertainment (besides apple smashing and a tug of war, some traditional dancing and music happening throughout the festival, there was literally nothing but people eating) but because we had a chance to be immersed in Chiloe culture. Not a single tourist in sight.


I’d say the most authentic part of the festival was watching two older ladies making Empanadas from scratch. Empanadas are essentially meat pockets, meat and veggies stuffed in a bread casing, baked or fried. It’s too bad they don’t make a single kind of empanada that’s vegan. I think potato empanadas with ketchup would be delightful! They do make fruit empanadas which are veg friendly though.


At the apple festival we also got to drink fresh apple cider (alcohol free). It was so tasty, however after the third cup my tummy had its fill of apples.


We made our way back to Castrol late in the afternoon to catch a bus to Ancud. We are ultimately trying to get to Puerto Varas but as it is tourist season, some buses are booked days in advance! On the off season Simone was saying that you could get a bus any time, any where you wanted. Ancud is a small town on the way to Puerto Varas, so we are making progress.


Our bus didn’t leave Castrol till 8:15 pm so we ended up getting bread for dinner (yes literally plain white bread) and sat in a park playing cars, talking to a person high on Marijuana and enjoying some street performances. Before we got on our bus we grabbed a tea and latte at this super cute traveling Cafe on wheels.

These kinds of days are what make traveling so great. Sure there is a TON of waiting around but sometimes you need to just sit and watch the world around you for a chance to witness some pretty unique things.

We got to Ancud at 10 pm, with no hostel arrangements and not a campsite in sight. Luckily one hostel, Casa Damasco had a double bed available. After two days of camping and hopping on and off buses, a hot shower and cozy mattress feels like the best thing in the world!

I learned a new sentence during our hours of waiting around, Me Gustaria uno Kambucha which means I’d like one Kambucha. It’s a completely useless sentence to know as Kambucha doesn’t exist here but it kept my mind dreaming of the Kambucha I had in New York which distracted me from my 19 kilo backpack.

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