The Bridge of the Souls

Cucao, Chile Day 3 – February 6th 2016

We spent the night camping in Huillinco next to the beach. It was lovely, minus the fact that my sleeping foamy sucked and a pillow made of clothing is not exactly paradise. I would have been better off sleeping on hardwood, lol.

After breakfast we made our way to the bus stop. In Chile buses stop at random places and come sporadically. Lucky we only waited 10 mins for the bust to Cucao. From Cucao we took another bus to the start of the trail head to Puente de Las Almas. From Cucao it’s about a 30-minute bus ride.


Simone was highly recommended that we go here. It’s about an hour hike to get to Puente de Las Almas which is a bridge leading into the ocean sky. Puente de Las Almas translates to The Bridge of the Souls. Locals believe that the souls of the deceased start their journey to the afterlife on this bridge.

DSC00906 (2)

The hike to the bridge I’d say was easy to intermediate, people were walking in flip flops and carrying baby strollers, two things Simone and I both agree we would never attempt on the trail. The spot was definitely touristy but well worth the spectacular ocean views. We had lunch on the edge of a cliff face overlooking the ocean where no one else was. It was bliss.

The walk back was good with one super annoying exception. The bugs! There is one bug in particular that is bigger than a horsefly, even a bumble bee, and fly’s around you incisively. They were super annoying, enjoy being in the sun and are very attracted to black clothing.

We got back to Huillinco around 5:30, spent two hours resting on the beach soaking up some gorgeous sun raise. The sun here is very odd; it seems to stay high in the sky until 7:30 pm.

We had some issues making dinner, there was so much wind and Simone’s stove had no wind protection options. Luckily the camp site had an indoor preparation area. While preparing out potatoes and rice, we met a lovely couple cooking Bannok over the hot coals on the fire in the cook house. They had spent some time in Regina a few years ago studying the economics of agriculture so we had a lot in common.

Dinner consisted of boiled potatoes with pan fried onions and lemon grass curry rice compliments of my outdoor herbivore mix with extra rice added! It’s amazing how simple food can taste so delicious. Tomorrow we are off to the apple festival in Llau Llao near Castrol.


4 thoughts on “The Bridge of the Souls

  1. Mi hija su blogs son magnifico. Quando usted trabajo en otra pies necesites un poco sufico. Porque vives es mas corto de lo que cree. “My daughter your blogs are magnificent. When you travel in other countries you need to suffer a little. Because your life is more shorter than you realise.”

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