Chiloé Island

Castro,Chile Day 2 – February 5th 2016

 Last night we slept at the Palafito Hostel in Castro, Chile. Castro is a mid sized fishing town on Chiloe Island. The hostel was adorable, located in this neighborhood of homes all on stilts cascading into the ocean inlet. Durning low tide you can walk under the homes. The location is so popular, the homes a literally touching each other. The hostel had great beds and served homemade baked bread, marmalade and apple torte for breakfast. We ate out on the porch, looked onto the ocean inlet and started to develop the first of many sun burns. 


 We spent the day walking around Castro, getting money, looking for camping fuel and having lunch on the deck of a cute Cafe.

A note to anyone traveling here intending to came, iso-butane is the only camping fuel available! My MSR Whisperlight International camp stove takes white gas, unleaded gasoline or kerosene but not iso-butane. We’ll try and find some once we are off the island, fingers crossed.

Church of San Francisco in Castro which is made entirely of wood! I think this was the first time either of us have been in a wood structured church before. 


We made our way from Castro to Huillinco via bus at 7:30 tonight. Huillinco is a tiny town of I want to say 50 homes maximum in the community.


Once we got off the bus, I attempted to put my backpack on, leaned too far forward, it rolled over my head and I fell on top of it … right in front of a truck with two Chileans in it. They, along with Simone and I could not stop laughing the whole way to our campsite. I may have had a few tears of laughter.

After settling into our campsite, we made dinner on the beach and watched the sun set.


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