Traveling to Chile

Santiago, Chile Day 1 – February 3-4th, 2016

Yep it appears I’m off again, on another set of airplanes to get to a new destination; Chile. I’d say Chile has defiantly been in the back of my mind as a place to visit one day, but if you asked me a year ago, I’d say it wasn’t in my near future; not until one of my good friends Simone emailed a bunch of us summarizing the start of her travels to South America. This was back in November. After reading the email, my travel brain started thinking maybe I could join her.  

I touched base with her via email, then Skype and before I knew it, plane tickets were booked and I was in Mountain Equipment Co-Op buying a camp stove and backpacking gear! I told myself back when I did my trip to Nepal that I have to do an outdoors backpacking adventure next. This was based on my tea house trek near Pokhara. Carrying a day pack between restaurants and night shelters, I’m learning only 2 hours into this new adventure, is quite different than true backpacking! 

My backpack weighed in at 19 kg when I got to the airport yesterday. I would guess 5-7 of those kilos are my freeze dried vegan food I got from Outdoor Herbivore. Chile and Argentina are known for their ranching industry so I’m already under the assumption that I will starve here once my food runs out. I’m currently waiting for my quinoa cheddar Macaroni to “steep” as I’m waiting for my flight to Puerto Montt. I think pasta is not meant to cook in semi boiling hot water from Starbucks (yum??). It’s the best I got at the moment and I’m only 16 hours into travelling. 

Can I just say for the record (although I’m sure I’ve ranted about this at the beginning and end of every journey) how much I hate airports and bus stations! To get to my first destination in Chile, Castro on Chiloe Island, I flew from Edmonton to Dallas, Dallas to Santiago, Santiago to Puerto Montt. From here Simone and I will take a four hour bus ride which includes a ferry transport to get to our hostel in Castro! Yep, the things I do for memories…

Edmonton-ChilePuerto Montt- Castro

DSC00808DSC00811DSC00813DSC00815 (2)

One thought on “Traveling to Chile

  1. Trust me when I tell you that your blogs will be a cherished possession years from now. Tambien, cuando tu tienes viajes a pais’ espanol, creo es importante que su puedes hablar un poco espanol. Asi, aconsejo a aprender algo de espanol (” Also, when you have trips to spanish countries, I believe it is important that you can speak a little spanish. So, I suggest you learn some spanish.”). Estoy muy orgulloso de ti…. Dadee

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