Gertrude’s Nose

New Paultz Day 10 May 4

15 kilometer hike today! We went to Minnewaska State Park and did a 14 km loop. It got up to 32 degrees Celsius during the day and with 1 litre of water, I must say I was tired by the end. Highlights of the hike included Pattersons Pellet and Gertrude’s nose which were both lookout point on Millbrooke Mountain.

DSCF0617DSCF0624 DSCF0628 DSCF0629 DSCF0633 DSCF0637 DSCF0639 DSCF0641 DSCF0611 DSCF0612 DSCF0614

After finishing the loop which included going around Lake Awosting, we ended out trek at a water fall. It was a nice chance to soak my blisters in the cool waters and rest after a long but fun day.

DSCF06461 DSCF0647

We had dinner at Karma Road Café which is a vegan restaurant located in New Paltz. They had the best coconut water; it was so good I drank a liter! We returned to the Hungry Ghost BnB to enjoy an evening of talking in the hot tube. Yes I know, I live a difficult life.

DSCF0651 DSCF0652 DSCF0653

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