Greenwich Village

NYC Day 5 April 29th

Tour number three! Greenwich Village today 🙂 We spent three hours of stopping at famous sites such as:]

DSCF03691 DSCF0406 DSCF0401 DSCF0397 DSCF0393 DSCF0387

Carry Bradshaw’s Apartment in Sex and the City
DSCF0378 DSCF0373       FRIENDS Apartment Building DSCF03711 In the show FRIENDS, all episodes were filmed in Hollywood, this apartment was just used for some images in the show. The famous coffee shop in the show does not exist, it was just a stage used in the show. However if the show was filmed in New York, this cafe above would have been Central Perk. images

After the tour we were on the hunt for food again (if you’re not vegan I’m sure your fed up by now at how many times I have talked about food in this blog, but if you are vegan, you can totally sympathize with us). We walked to Organic Avenue thinking the address was for Rockin Raw then realized it was the wrong address then walked to the right address for Rockin Raw all to conclude that the restaurant was closed from 2-4 pm. We meandered for a while until Dayna had a brilliant idea to look at her happy cow restaurant print out by which we found our “lunch” spot, the Sacred Chow. I say “lunch” in quotations as this whole week we haven’t made it to a restaurant for lunch any earlier than 3pm.

DSCF0410 DSCF0412 DSCF0414 DSCF0416 DSCF0423

Lady Gaga started her career singing at “The Bitter End” night club.

DSCF0426 DSCF0427 DSCF0430 DSCF0431 DSCF0432

I had the Nama Gori sandwich, which was super messy but delicious and apparently the restaurants signature dish… Nama Gori is essentially tofu frozen then thawed to create a spongy texture… Don’t know what’s so signature about that, but none the less still worth trying.

We made our way to the subway to catch the Staten Island Ferry to see Statue of liberty for free after lunch. On the ferry we got the best view of the Manhattan skyline. After the ferry ride, we walked through Battery Park which is another famous shooting location for dozens of television shows and movies. We were going to take bicycles up the walkway as it literally goes along the sea wall up the whole west side of Manhattan. Unfortunately there were no city bikes for four people at the time. Instead we decided to go to China Town for foot rubs.

DSCF0452 DSCF0457 DSCF0462 DSCF0466 DSCF0468

China Town foot rubs were amazing, I literally felt like I was walking on a cloud. We passed our dim sum house to get there, which after the amount of work we put in to get there on Monday, it seemed kinda pointless to have made a schedule for the trip.

Following China Town we made our way up to Grand Central station where production crews were setting up to film a scene in the sequel. There were all kinds of extras dressed up in Halloween costumes as the scene was set for a Halloween party. We didn’t stay to watch them film but it was cool to see the camera equipment and lighting.

DSCF0472 DSCF0473 DSCF0475 DSCF0476 DSCF0477

Last stop of the day was Whole Foods to grab some vegan make up and goodies to bring back to Canada!

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