Off to the Big Apple

NYC Day 1 April 10th, 2015

More adventures for me! Off to New York this time with my good friends Dayan, Margaret and David. We are spending 5 days in New York City and 5 days in New Paltz, which is in upstate New York.


Today was a travel day, left Edmonton and had a layover in Minneapolis before arrive this evening in New York. I would highly advise bringing carry on luggage when doing a trip like this! Why? Because it took us 35 minutes from being dropped off at the airport to getting to our gate and that included going through US customs! In addition, no need to wait for luggage to arrive once arriving to New York, the buses going from the airport to Manhattan are all equipped to handle carry on luggage only and the hostel lockers fit carry on luggage precisely.

Once landing at La Guardia international, we caught a bus to downtown Manhattan. It took us four separate bus attempts to get on the bus thanks to the poor signage and instruction regarding ticket purchasing. Four times!!! We looked like that ride in amusement parks, the dragon ride that goes up and down in a never ending circle…


Yep that was us, had to go get change for bus ticket because the credit card machine was broken, get on the bus, Bus driver says “you need to buy a ticket Madame at the ticket kiosk we don’t accept change on the bus” got off the bus, got ticket, found out ticket machine only takes credit cards, not cash, buy metro pass, get back on the bus, Bus drivers says” Madame, you need to buy a ticket for the bus using your metro pass, we don’t have the swiping machine on board”, got off bus, bought ticket with metro card, got back on bus.

We made it to our hostel (Hosteling International NYC).Walking up to it, you could hear catchy pop songs playing and a neon blue sign inside the entrance with “hostels international” logo. I swear, it felt like we were going to a club. The hostel is really hip and bustling with young people. The accommodations were very clean with one of the largest outside patios and yard in the city.

DSCF0003 DSCF0006 DSCF0122

On a sad note, today a earthquake hit Nepal, affecting thousands… After seeing Kathmandu first hand, from a structural standpoint, the city was practically toppling on itself last year. Hearts and prayers go out to those affected.

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