Been Swept Away By Cuba

January 16th Day 22

Today was our last day in Cuba. The last three weeks have been quite an adventure.This country is literally in a time warp with glimpses of the 21 st century peaking through. Walking into this world is like walking into the 1950’s. This is the first time I’ve been to a communist country. On the exterior it seems everyone has all they need and the government is functioning well, then you peel back a layer and see that supplies are limited while demand is high and weaving between the lines is a blurred capitalistic movement trying to break through. Despite  the lack of capitalistic choice, the Cuban people are blessed with such a deep rooted culture and such joy for a country that is truly one of a kind. I feel so overjoyed with the opportunity to have experienced this world with my dad and step mom along with new found friends both Canadian and Cuban.


Now onto today, I Spent the day in downtown Havana walking the streets, buying shoes with Sharron and soaking up the last sweet moments in this culturally extravagant country. At one point, while a bunch of us were waiting for a table at a restaurant, we went into this local artist market where I was able to see an artist making prints using an old 1900’s press machine!

DSCF0537 DSCF0542

DSCF0545 DSCF0547

DSCF0548 DSCF0551

DSCF0553 DSCF0558

Had dinner with the Fam Jam (Dad and  Jadwiga). It was nice ending the trip as a family, reminiscing over our experiences, lessons learned and things we loved most about Cuba. Last time having Italian food for a while, HAPPY DANCE!

Our bus to airport didn’t leave until midnight so we spent the 2 hours before in the hotel lobby dancing and listening to the live band. I got the best video ever of the hotel’s chef and one of the waitresses dancing in the dining room after hours! They looked so happy and were just in that moment, embracing every breath, having the time of their lives. I’d say this video sums up Cuba!


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