Last Day of Dancing

January 15th, 2015 Day 21

Today was our last day of salsa lessons ūüė¶ It was a surreal moment, realizing that we would soon being leaving this land of laughter and dance. The three hours of class went by way too fast. At the end of our lessons, all the Canadians gave their Cuban dance partners gifts from Canada. A lot of the presents consisted of shampoos, perfumes, soap, underwear and stationary, as these are all things that are difficult to get in Cuba. I had brought a LOT of small things from the dollar store and H&M. There was far too much for one person so I split my gift, I gave my dance partner boxers, socks, antiperspirant, chocolate, pens and a few other items. I had a lot of items of kids so I found out the camera man on the trip, Orlando (yes there were two Orlando’s on the trip) had 2 young girls and a wife. I gave him a big package filled full with stickers, pencils, socks, perfume, boxers, and more! Orlando was shocked; we didn’t speak too much over the course of the week so getting a present from me was probably the biggest surprise of the week for him. He was so touched he honestly looked like he was going to cry.

My afternoon off¬†was spent sleeping and packing. Before meeting up with our dance partners for the last time at Casa La Musica, the Canadian group all went out to dinner at¬†Doctor Cafe. This cafe is located in Miramar. It was started by a doctor who found he could make more money owning a restaurant¬†than being a doctor in Cuba! It’s crazy how this country’s system for compensation works.

Casa La Muscia was a lot of fun tonight! ¬†Rolando (my dance partner) and I found a square meter of dance floor that was unoccupied so we got a chance to practice our new moves! Following that, Orlando surprised us with a private party at the same cafe we spent our first night, the French place. Private party dancing with our partners was good times! The DJ could have played more Salsa though…. I’m becoming an addict!


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