Salsa in the Pool???

January 14th 2015
Day 20

So Orlando is a spontaneous person, I think it’s because he’s Cuban. Today we were asked to wake up and be ready to leave for lessons at 7:15am. We didn’t end up getting on the bus until 8:45am (which was our usual time so we lost an hour of sleep for no reason).

Our bus did not take the regular route to the dance hall we’ve been practicing in all week. Instead we were taken to this local neighbourhood in the middle of nowhere. We got off the bus and were escorted to the backyard of a home that I presume was a “Particular” (Cuban Guest House). There was a pool in the middle of the backyard and a concrete deck.

We were all looking around wondering “where are we supposed to dance?” Like I mentioned earlier, Cubans can dance anywhere no matter the space. We ended up doing our three hours of dancing on the pool deck followed by an entire afternoon and evening chilling in the pool and dancing.

DSCF0491 DSCF0487 10841787_1395738510729359_5993429554564600830_o DSCF0493

Connie, one of the participants on the trip had her birthday that day. This was the tenth time she’s been to Cuba with Fiesta Cubana Dance School so Orlando set up a surprise party and birthday cake for her. At one point during the day we had salsa in the pool and did a salsa Rueda. It was a lot of fun but a super long day.

We came back to the hotel around 8 pm and the plan was to do more dancing in the hotel lobby with the live band. Sadly the band stopped playing at 9pm so we had to call it an early night L I’m amazed how addicted I’m becoming to dance in this country.


One thought on “Salsa in the Pool???

  1. You seem more excited on your blog since you started the salsa dance part. You were doubtful early on but you got right into it!

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