Pool Party

January 13th 2015
Day 19

Day 3 of salsa school and we learned Rumba, Cha cha cha, more Afrocuban dancing and some salsa. Totally have started to relax in my body movements and have begun to, as the Cubans say “feel the music and ENJOY!”

Following dance classes, we had an afternoon pool party! (I napped for 2 hours of it). Cuban dancers literally never stop; we had lunch with them and Naomi one of the female dancers was literally dancing in her seat as she ate. They have so much energy and love for Cuban/ Latin music it seems to feed their souls.

This evening was a chill out evening with some of the dancers, went for dinner at a nearby cafeteria, and then did some dancing at the restaurant. As most of our dancers speak little English and all but two of us Canadians speak minimal Spanish, we had some good fun and a lot of laughs while playing charades trying to communicate with each other. Lazario, Queeni’s dance partner sat with us. He’s such a sweetheart; he showed us pictures of his 2 year old son and his wife who is a ballerina.  This experience so far has been spectacular, learning Cuban dance and chilling with the Cuban people.


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