Casa La Musica

January 12th, 2015
Day 18

Another 3 hours of salsa classes this morning! Half of the time was spent doing body movement, the other half in partners. The person I got paired up with was a really sweet guy, especially to my dad. He taught him a bunch of moves and the two of them seemed to click. I however did not, when we were learning one of the routines, it seemed like he had never done them before and was learning them the same time I was, which in normal scenarios that would have been fine, but I came to Cuba to dance with a professional. In addition he didn’t give me a lot of feedback on my dancing which was a big deal cause I wanted to really improve on this trip. So I talked to Orlando and tonight during Casa La Musica I got my new partner, Rolando. He is a professional salsa dancer that works for an international dance company. He’s only been with them for 8 months but had traveled to Europe and Mexico performing. The guy is really good looking and knows how to dance and the feedback he’s given so far has really been good. High five to Orlando for finding him so fast!

All together today probably spent a solid 5 hours dancing! I think this is more exhausting then running a half marathon. It’s far more fun though so it’s more than bearable :). Casa la Musica was so good! It’s a music club in the middle of a neighbourhood in Miramar and has live bands every night, two shows one at 7 the other at 11. We went to the 7 performance and literally danced the entire time! We saw Wil Campa perform.

Orlando felt like being spontaneous so following casa la musica our dancers and us all pilled onto our old tour bus (there is literally a whole in the bottom of the bus under one seat… If we run out of fuel we can pull a Flenstone). We came back to the hotel and had a private party in the disco.  While traveling on the bus to get to the hotel, the dancers broke out into song and a few of them started dancing Afrocuban in the bus isle way! The disco at the hotel was a lot of fun! It was just us and the dancers so we had a lot of space and could play whatever music we wanted.


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