Salsa school

January 11th, 2015
Day 17

3 hours of dance lessons starting at 9am after an evening of dancing that did not end until midnight. Got home at 1am, in bed by 2am, wake up call for 7am followed by 3 hrs of intense dancing! This is salsa bootcamp!

Focus today was in female movement including hips, shoulders and walking. Sounds easy but it was a lot of muscular work. Calves, hips and probably everything is going to hurt tomorrow. I love Afrocuban dancing and body movement though! Once you get used to just letting loose and feeling the music, the dance becomes a lot of fun.

I napped all afternoon haha while the rest of the group dispersed and did various things such as sightseeing in old Havana or reading by the pool.

This evening we went to Casa 1830 which is an outdoor disco/bar. There were so many people towards the end of the night. I got to hand it to Cubans, they know how to dance anywhere, and I mean anywhere. The dance floor was packed so no problem just dance in the isle ways between tables, dance in the walk ways, dance in 0.5mx0.5m areas, people were dancing everywhere and when there was no room to move your partner, you’d just dance on the spot. During a professional performance, people stood on top of chairs and started dancing!

The washrooms at this place as my roommate described it were “good” for Cuba which meant no toilet paper, no toilet seat but the door to the stall was low enough that you could use it to help balance while squatting. Lol washrooms always seem to be a hot topic of conversation when traveling.

Just a little FYI, Cuban guys know how to move. I’ve never seen so much hip and shoulder action in my life! Marlene wanted to dance with one guy who she thought was super-hot so we both went over to him and his friend and started dancing with both of them. My confidence is exponentially improving on this trip! High five! I think I might set a goal tomorrow night to dance with a least 5 Cuban guys.
Also I danced with Orlando and impressed him with my new body movement steps. Gold stars please!



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