Cuban Pole Dancing

January 9th 2015
Day 15

Best thing ever happened to us today. After breakfast dad and I went across the road to grab some water and produce from the local market. We were waiting in line at the fruit vendor and I noticed a man cutting coconuts, preparing them for drinking. I asked him how much and he shook his head and pointed to the fruit vendor. I therefore assumed he meant the fruit vendor was selling them.

A few minutes later the man pointed at me, said something in Spanish which I nodded to and before I knew it he was climbing the palm tree for me! This dude climbed it with nothing but his bare hands and his crocks. He brought down a few and cut one open for me. I again asked how much and he refused to let me pay! Dad and I watched him climb another tree a block away and he again gave us two more coconuts, free of charge! After trying to be hustled continuously this trip, it was a delight to have this man be so kind. Click the video below to see him climb! I now have a “COCO BESTIE!”.


Towards sun set we were sitting by the pool and a few male and female swimmers appeared. Turns out they were doing synchronized swimming and water salsa… Yes water salsa! It’s synchronized swimming while doing salsa!

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