Feliz Año Nuevo

January 1st 2015
Day 7

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 has already come! Just a brief re-cap of 2014 for me. January through March was crazy busy at work being involved with Greenhouse Gas verifications (lots of math and spreadsheets). April my whole family met up in Seoul, South Korea to celebrate my brother getting married. Summer 2014 was relaxing enjoying the long days Edmontonians are accustomed to. September brought a lot of excitement as my mom sold her apartment and embarked on the journey of building a new house. October was spent in Nepal and India, touring two worlds both similar and vastly different in their own ways. November my mom and I completed the enormous task of packing our home and finding a place to rent in downtown Edmonton. Finally, in December we moved into our new place in the heart of YEG, celebrated Christmas with loved ones all while finishing the year in this beautiful country; Cuba. I’d say my only goal for 2015 is, as the Cuban’s say… ENJOY! Live in the moment, have fun every moment and dance as much as possible!

DSCF01444 DSCF0230 DSCF0227 DSCF0215 DSCF0214 DSCF0212 DSCF0238 DSCF0231 DSCF0233DSCF0206

So onto today, we spent the morning at the pool and I got a chance to finished off my Daniel Steele book J  Later we walked to the Panorama hotel to exchange more money, went to lunch in nearby square and watched children playing soccer in the square.

DSCF0145 DSCF0197 DSCF0199

From there, we walked for hours around Miramar, manly in the embassy area. We found the Canadian embassy, a bakery and a nuclear studies center. Towards the end of the walk, we stumbled upon the Cuban version of McDonald’s. There was a lovely sun set tonight. The colours were spectacular.

DSCF0260 DSCF0256 DSCF0247

We also walked around the Russian embassy. The security around that bad boy is insane. There was a 10 foot fence around the entire perimeter, with barbed wire and broken glass cemented within the top of the wall. There were massive satellite dishes on one side of the property and in the center of the grounds was a huge tower about 20 stories tall. Walking around it you could almost image stepping back in time when the Cuban missile crisis occurred.

DSCF0204 DSCF0203

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