Marina Hemingway

December 31st 2014
Day 6

The big plan today was to go and see the Marian Hemingway, a “must see” attraction in Havana. I say “must see” in quotations because despite the press the marina gets in popular travel magazines and tour books, the place was a huge disappointment. Unless you’re staying at the resort on the marina, you have zero access to be able to walk around. Even if you were to walk around, you’d see very little as there were maybe 50 boats parked along the water.

On the bright side, our taxi driver spoke good English and was a lovely man to speak with. He talked about his son and daughter, both in universities, the girls studying to be a dentist and the boy, predictably studying engineering. Go figure, such a classic male dominated field no matter which country you’re from. He spoke about his son leaving Cuba to find work in the United States…. It appears a lot of Cubans will visit Canada then apply for political refugee status in the states and get citizenship that way; pretty smart way to speed up the process.

We spent our afternoon drinking coffee and walking along the ocean. We were stopped by two fishermen, one was named Roger. They started asking us where we were from and started talking about fishing, looks like my dad has another fish killing buddy. Good news is roger has a “restaurant” ( it has no name, no sign on the outside and he was hesitant to provide the address of the “restaurant” which makes us believe it’s an illegitimate business run without the government knowing about it). Roger said his wife could cook us some really good vegan food (I am also really skeptical about what “really good” means to Cubans as thus far really good has been code for not so great). As sketchy as it may sound, we will probably try the restaurant out in the next few days.

Tonight was New Year’s Eve and the hotel had some live music and dance performances followed by an open dance floor. There was a lot of salsa going on which made me sad as I had no partner and didn’t have the guts to go ask a guy to dance. I feel like it is the man’s job to ask the woman to dance but I’m learning more and more if I want something in life I got to make it happen myself. So the evening was pretty much spent watching other people have a good time 😦 . 2015 is going to be a year of letting loose and taking a bit more chances in life.

Celebrated the start of 2015 with my dad and step mom which was nice and something that as I get older becomes rarer and rarer. So as dorky as it may sound, I’m grateful I have the chance to spend it and this trip with them.

Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba

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