A Relaxing Sunday in Miramar

December 28th, 2014

Day 3

Today was spent on the pool side and in the ocean, swimming, catching sun and reading. As it is Sunday, we didn’t know how much would be open in Havana so we decide to stay in Miramar. My dad lined up a chance to go fishing off the side of the hotel tomorrow with one of the life guards at the hotel… Yes he is vegan, and he’s going fishing…. I’m just as confused as you are but he loves the sport and it’s something he just seems to do for fun. Standing for hours watching a fishing line bob up and down does not sound like a roller coaster ride of entertainment to me, but to each their own, lol.

We had a chat with a German woman by the poolside as my step mom was admiring the ladies braided hair. The women spoke four languages, maybe more! I have a hard enough time with English as it is. My dad asked if she knew of a good restaurant that was local. She suggested a place about 20 minutes away. We went there for dinner and although my dad said in clear Spanish we don’t eat meat and dairy, we still managed to be served pork and a rice dish with ham. Urrg vegan is going to be a tough sell in this country.

Walking back to the hotel the streets were dark as the street lights are turned off around 7 pm in the city. I’m assuming the reason is to conserve power. If your spending time in Havana I’d recommend that you bring a flash light so you don’t trip over roots or uneven concrete around the city in the evenings.

We finished off the evening back at the hotel playing cards by the ocean then watching some television on an old TV from the 1990’s. So far enjoying the warm air and relaxing atmosphere.

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