Anatta Health Clinic 

Day 14 October 16th 2014
Lumbini Nepal

Day 2 of the Anatta health clinic put on by Cornelia’s non-profit company. Over 500 people showed up today, all with ailments ranging from knee and back pain to worms and eye infections. Lots of the problems arose from lack of education in hygiene and nutrition L David put on a hand washing demo and he had quit the crowd around him. I didn’t know what he was doing at first but I thought everyone was surrounding him cause he was a foreigner, silly me!














One thought on “Anatta Health Clinic 

  1. My hand washing demo was a complete flop since no one was able to understand a word of what I was saying. However, the message did get through thanks to Rockey who gave a dialog (I won’t call it a translation. After all, what can you say that isn’t more clearly shown in a demo?). Apparently one woman was quite irate and asked Rockey why I was telling them something they already knew? Oh well, maybe it served as a reminder-motivator to actually do the sanitation practices?
    Just as Europe was some while back most illnesses are caused by poor sanitation. Even doctors were ignorant of the effects of poor hygiene and didn’t even consider that it might be a good idea to wash between patients. India is only learning what we learned a couple of centuries back.

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