Avalanches in the Himalayas 

Day 13 October 15th 2014
Lumbini, Nepal

Finally the rains stopped here in Lumbini. There were car sized puddles on the streets and newly formed lakes in the ditches but the town was wide awake following the intense rain from the last two days. 

Our day was split between the group, half of us (Sam, Joyce, Cornelia, Susan, Fei, Anne, Amy, Susan, Rockey and Miguel) went to help with day 1 of the free medical clinic put on by Anatta World Health and Education Outreach; Cornelia’s non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical and educational equipment and resource support to deserving and under-supported organizations.

The clinic was set up in a nearby village. There were at least two dozen volunteers ranging in abilities from crowd control and registration to doctors, pharmacists and a nurse all spending the entire day in the 30+degree heat helping the villagers.

The other half of us split up, with David, Gina and I sticking together. After breakfast we walked to Peace Grove Institute where Bodhi lead us through a meditation (this being my first). We did one hour and boy was that a tough 60 minutes. When my mind wasn’t racing, my body started aching. Sitting on the floor for an hour completely still is way harder than I anticipated. After that we sat and read our books for a little while David did yoga in the temple, I must say the guy knows his yoga.

We had lunch at the nunnery (Peace Grove Institute, same thing) which was Dhal Bhat prepared by the in house sister cook. Love Dhal Bhat, so good! After lunch Bodhi, Gina and some of the nuns went to the birthplace of Buddha while David and I went by rickshaw to have a tour of some monasteries located within the world peace site of Lumbini. We stopped in to the Thai, Burmese and Chinese temples, all very impressive with China being the largest of the three.






















Following that adventure Gina, David and I went to the local veg market where the villagers come twice a week to collect their produce for cooking. On the way we stopped into a convenience store where I was able to fine Momo Masala! ; Going to youtube how to make Momo’s when I get home.






DSCF4209\ DSCF4207



Lumbini Barber Shop


Our evening was spent talking with the volunteers from the Heath clinic, apparently they saw over 400 patience, most with complaints of knee and back pain with lots of ailments that could have been prevented with basic education about nutrition and hygiene. Tomorrow I’m off to the clinic so it will be interesting to see what symptoms come in.

Heard news from friends and family back home that four Canadians died after an avalanche near Pokhara hit (around Annapurna). Heart goes out to them and their families. The avalanche was due to the cyclone from India which caused insane amounts of snow to fall in the region. Last week we when we were hiking, we could see the Annapurna’s but we were only 2000 mASL whereas the avalanche occurred at 4000+ mASL so had we been hiking today we would not have been hit by the avalanche.

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