East Indian Cyclone

Day 12 October 14th 2014
Lumbini, Nepal

Today was quit an interesting unexpected day. October is typically the best time of the year to travel to Nepal as the weather is usually sunny with little cloud coverage which is excellent for site seeing…. Today however was not the case. There was rain coming from above, the left and right, from the ground and all around. I’ve never seen such hard rain fall persist for the entire day! A cyclone coming up from India ended up hitting the region which cause all the rain.

The plan was to go on a village walk in the morning to meet some of the families of the little nuns at peace grove institute, see where they lived and so on. That plan was cancelled as per the massive rivers of water flowing through the village and subsequently the mud that followed.

The group ended up going to the German temple and the Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa in the world heritage grounds of Lumbini. We were drenched by the time we got there. The monetary was beautiful with paintings depicting the story of the Buddha all over the walls. There was amazing plastered figures on the falls and the shrine at the heart of the monetary was spectacular with detailed carvings all round. So much time and care was put into this German made structure. My favorite part of the outing was walking bare foot in the puddles up to the monetary as you’re not allowed to wear shoes on the premise.










By the time we arrived back to the hotel for lunch, we were informed the whole town has closed down due to the poor weather. This meant no shops, monasteries or museums were open. This was unexpected as you could imagine.

We ended up spending the afternoon resting in our hotel rooms, reading books and in Gina and my case listening to our toilet randomly flushing every half hour??? (Might be because of the storm?).

2 thoughts on “East Indian Cyclone

  1. This was the day I got the dreaded “Delhi Belly”. I had no appetite for walking in puddles, barefoot or otherwise. Sadly I missed Metteyya’s tour of the Peace Pagoda and instead simply parked my backside on the floor of the place until it was time to go back for a much needed sleep in the warm hotel. After a good night’s sleep I was back to my usual self. Couldn’t have happened at a better time, what with the torrential rains and all.
    Upon returning to Edmonton I had myself checked for intestinal parasites and am glad to say that there aren’t any.

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