Lake Goddess Temple

Day 4 October 6th 2014 Kathmandu, Nepal to Pokhara, Nepal

Kathmandu to Pokhara

This morning was spent waiting in the domestic flights terminal of the Kathmandu airport, then on the runway, then in a tiny airplane. We woke up at 6:00 am, left for the airport at 6:30 am, got to the airport, through “security” ( literally walked through a metal detector that I don’t think was even turned on) and into the departures gate by 7:15 am. From there, we didn’t actually take off until 10 am… Nepali time means add +1 hr to everything. I think that’s the way it is on this side of the world. Travelling to Nepal from Edmonton, Kim, Amy, Keith and Elsa all had their flight cancelled from London to Delhi and David and Fei’s flight from Delhi to Kathmandu had no crew… literally all of them did not show up for the flight as it was a holiday. Yes, that did actually happen!

On the plus side, we flew Buddha Air which as really cute. In the picture of me below, see if you can find David in the background. His posture and facial expression reminds me of a creepy Christmas elf.


Got into Pokhara with all our luggage (except for David, India Airlines lost it somewhere in transition). The luggage terminal in Pokhara consists of a room with a reception desk and an open side doorway where staff hand your luggage to the reception then you proceed to show your luggage tag and collect your belongings. Picture below shows how archaic this process is.


We are staying at a guest house “3 Sisters “. The place is lovely, it’s owned by three Nepali sisters and they specialize in women leading treks. So far would recommend them to single traveling Female.

Spent the afternoon having lunch at a pizzeria (yuck, I hate hate hate hate hate eating western food in places that are not home!! For God sake we are in Nepal, I want Nepali food…. Three times a day!!!! (Or 2 if I want to be true Nepali)).


After lunch we went to the International Mountain Museum which featured the indigenous mountain people of Nepal, the highest peaks of Nepal and most interestingly Mount Everest. There were cool present day photos of base camp showing the tent village at the base of the mountain.

Thing I found most interesting about the exhibit was the particular attention paid to the environmental concerns facing Nepal and Mt. Everest. There was a whole room dedicated to the clean-up expedition done in the late 2000’s to collect garbage on the mountain including used kerosene tanks, oxygen tanks and abandoned tents. Some of the recovered trash was actually on display! I was saddened however that the exhibit did not mention once that eating a plant based vegan diet can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. It seems that North American is not the only continent that despite knowing the numbers refuses to advocate for this change.








The evening began with a boat ride on Phewa Lake to Barahi Temple also known as the Lake Goddess temple. The temple stands on this tiny island in the middle of the lake and is only accessible by boat.











Following our boat ride half the group went for massages and on the way we caught up with two lovely goats and a mean cow. Bodhi went to pet the cow (never a good idea when it’s wild) and got charged at! We ran across the road pretty quickly to say the least.


Messages were at Seeing Hands again which was lovely as usual. We then came back to the hotel for a Nepali dinner (yay happy dance). Unfortunately I was stuck having to shower in a communal shower room which was so not ideal but better than nothing (as I’ll soon find out once we start trekking). Packed for the 4 day trek half the group is going on starting tomorrow and then off to bed (as we are up tomorrow at 4:30 to watch the sun rise over Machhapuchchhre Mountain also known as Fish Tail mountain). Woot?!?

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