And So Another Journey Begins

Day 0 October 2nd 2014
Delhi international airport

Last leg of this exceptionally long journey to Kathmandu; Amazed at how many Europeans were on the flight from London to Delhi. Makes me see how easy it is for them to travel. Wonder what it would be like living in Europe, the amazing public transit, cute little shops everywhere, and close travel to amazing destinations… Or is the grass always greener on the other side?

So tired I’m on hour 20 something of the 36 hour journey (Edmonton to London, London to Delhi, now Delhi to Kathmandu). Travelling with David and Fay for most of the trip (Entire group were on the flight from Edmonton to London together but then half got a better connection for the rest of the journey).

First impressions of India are that the airport is very clean and they have nap pods which makes this airport highly appealing for layovers! Saw squatting toilets for now the second time in my Life. Glad I was exposed to them in Seoul, was quite shocked the first time I used one. By end of trip I’m sure it will feel quite normal.

Learning quite quickly that a lot of people travel, in Canada it seems like we make such a big deal about going on a vacation, sometimes saving up time and money for years. Starting to see that that may be an isolated mentality of us North Americans. Off to Kathmandu!

New Found Friends

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