Beach Day

Day 23 

Spent the day at the beach with Alex and a few of her friends. I was thoroughly entertained watching people for the day, especially kids and their parents. Oh little children, they just love getting into trouble. I look at the parents of some of these kids. Their children are just chilling eating some random persons chips or dropping their ice cream right in the sand and they either do one of two things. Freak out because the kid is doing things they shouldn’t or they literally don’t care and just let the kid do their thing. In any case moral of the story is parenting is hilarious to watch!

Tonight I had a true Scottish pub experience. Myself, Alex and her friend went to The Golf Tavern which is one of Scotland’s oldest pubs. It was there that I tried my first and last glass of whisky. Alcohol and Laura don’t mix, period! The experience was still lovely, a local singer was preforming in the pub so we got a chance to check out the local talent. Oh there was also this really good cider I tried (see pic for make and flavor).

After the pub we went to Lulu, one of Edinburgh’s nightclubs… I sincerely loath night clubs but thought maybe the ones in the UK are different… Nope! I personally don’t get the appeal of paying to be crammed into a basement full of pretentious twenty year old’s, then spend a boat load of money on drinks all to then dance in a crowded room to crumby music surrounded by ubber drunk people. To top it off I got a nice heavy dose of fog smoke which I’m sure will be later proven to cause cancer. Nope I think I’ll stick to my PJ’s and books/chick flicks from now on. Oh well the thing with life is its merely the sum of our experiences; both good and bad.

Scotland PubDelicious Scottish Beer Whisky


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