Surfing in Scotland

Day 22

Evening everyone. So the plan today was to head over to Dunbar with my flatmates and hit up some sun and surf. Well Scotland is not known for its surfing and this fact was true today. We got into Dunbar round 1:15, 15 minutes before our “small group” lesson began. We looked at the beach and were trying to figure out where the waves were. We called our guide and he said we got the wrong beach. A sigh of relief came over us as we made our way back into the car in hopes that the proper location would yield actual waves… we were wrong.

There were baby waves that only started about 3 feet deep in the water. Our guide insisted that these were perfect waves for beginners but we all had surfed at least once before and knew maybe a four year old would be able to get up on those bad boys, but not us. We stuck around to watch the lessons for a bit and turn out 90% of the group was under 4 years old, haha. The group consisted of 20 people, which I would not classify as small. So in the end we were all pleased with the decision to pass on surfing.

Instead of surfing we decided to jump into the freezing cold North Sea for a quick dip then head over to North Berwick  for some fish and chips (in my case chips). The sea was cold..very cold. Most definitely nothing like the ocean in Santa Monica. It was fun however to all freeze together. North Berwick is a lovely little town on Scotland’s East shore, about 40 miles from Edinburgh. We walked around for a bit and enjoyed the sunny weather today brought us.  As we left North Berwick, we snapped a photo of the towns famous bird poop covered rock! How exciting.

Spent the evening at kickboxing and post workout pub gathering with the gang. It’s funny how when I tell people I’m leaving Thursday they either ask when will I be back or they say “I had no idea you were moving”. Mission accomplished, I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m a local.

Dunbar, Scotland  Dunbar, Scotland Dunbar, Scotland  Kickboxing

2 thoughts on “Surfing in Scotland

  1. It’s crazy how fast time moves…I wish u would travel some more…I so love reading about your travels…you have a way of making me feel like I was the one that did all the things you have done the past few weeks!

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