Inverness and The Celtman

Day 20

The Celt-man is Scotland’s Iron Man. This race is the ultimate triathlon, consisting of a 3.8 km swim, 202 km bike and 42 km run in the Scottish Highlands. The race started and ended at Torridon, Scotland and yes you all may be wondering, did I do this crazy event. NO, my flatmate Issam did. We (my flatmates) drove 225 miles to the race yesterday to cheer him on!

The weather was horrible, low cloud, rain, wind, yuck! Issam tho had an amazing time, was 1st out of the water and came in the top 30 overall! It’s funny we met him at the bike-run transition zone and he looked like he just finished his warm up and then at the finish line he was barely showing signs of exhaustion… after 15 + hours of straight endurance racing I’d say that’s impressive!

The road trip to Torridon (where the race started and concluded) and back with my flatmates was so much fun… hilarious jokes piled on top of gorgeous scenery, I could not have asked for a better day. In total we traveled 450 miles… yes in one day. I don’t ever what to be in a car again.

During our long adventure we stopped into Inverness for a quick bite to eat. Inverness is this super cute little fishing city nestled within the highlands. I love this little town and would have to recommend staying here for a day or two if you ever get the chance.

While in Inverness we were entertained by this stagette group. People drunk is hilarious.

Inverness, Scotland Inverness, Scotland  Torridon, Scotland Torridon, Scotland Torridon, Scotland Torridon, Scotland The Celtman Whisky, Scotland

P.s This is just a sample of how many different types of whisky there are in Scotland.

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