Loch Lomond and Sterling Castle

Day 19

Spent the day in a tour bus traveling around Stirling and Trossachs National Park. I’m not one to enjoy anything remotely touristy and spending a day on a tour bus is probably as touristy as your going to get. If your into tour bus adventures and being guided by a super energetic lively guide then the Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle tour put on by Shelby from Rabbie tours is just up your ally! I on the other hand am probably never going to do a bus tour again, plain and simple, its not for me. I’m such a yoga doing, mountain goat; the whole time on that bus I was just begging to get off at the nearest mountain!

Besides being car sick most of the way and surrounded by super touristic people who were all about getting to the next gift shop, I did have a chance to check out Stirling Castle and go for a brief walk along Loch Lomond.

Stirling Castle is actually quite a bit smaller then expected but has a lovely cozy feeling to the place. I mean it is a castle after all, built in 1500’s …. so all there really was to see was stone and more stone. Haha… probably never going to visit another castle in my life time either.

Loch Lomond was spectacular I must say. The loch is located between the fault line that separates the lowlands from the highlands so if you look to the left of the loch you see “foothills” and to the right you see mountains! I would recommend seeing the loch for yourself if you ever get the chance. If I’m ever back in Scotland you can guarantee I’ll be climbing Ben Lomond ( the mountain that looks onto Loch Lomond).

I would say the most entertaining part about the tour was watching the sheep playing at one of our rest points. They were so cute!

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This evening after returning home, Alex, myself and a bunch of friends from kickboxing went to a Ceilidh! A Ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance. It’s like a Scottish barn dance…. very hard to explain but check out this video to get an idea of HOW MUCH FUN IT WAS! I haven’t laughed like this in years.

Terribly sorry to all who are reading this blog the past few weeks hoping to see a lot on whole food plant based living… I think I’ve fallen a bit short in that department. Don’t worry tho, I’m working on a ” How to travel and be vegan” Tip post which should be posted this weekend.

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