Ben A’an, Scotland

Day 17

Ben A’an is this mini monros (mountain) located in Trossachs National Park, about a 2 hour drive from Edinburgh. The mountain stands 454 meters above sea level and takes about 4 km to climb to the top. Today I climbed Ben A’an with a group from Walk About Scotland. The weather was amazing, 15 degrees with a mix of sun and cloud! Perfect for hiking and getting the heart beating. The only complaint I have with today was all the midges biting me. Midges are these tiny bugs that hang around forest areas in Scotland and although they are small, their bites are really itchy 😦 Apparently you can buy midges bug repellent but of course we didn’t plan for that.

My Achilles Tendon was feeling much better today. After R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) last night and this morning I was able to easily make it up and down the mountain with out any pain!

For those of you interested in finding out what nutrition works well for a day out hiking, here is what I had prior and during the hike. Half a watermelon for breakfast, 7 ripe bananas and 6 mangoes for lunch, and 1-2 cups of cooked plain quinoa for after the hike. Yep it was a lot of food but it digested really well, kept me hydrated and my energy was sky high for the entirety of the hike.

Ben A'an, Scotland          Ben A'an, ScotlandBen A'an, Scotland Ben A'an, Scotland   Loch Katrine, Scotland Ben A'an, Scotland Ben A'an, Scotland Ben A'an and Loch Katrine, Scotland Loch Katrine, Scotland Ben A'an, Scotland DSCF0326

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