National Museum of Scotland

Day 16

Today was a rainy, cloudy day and how best to spend those kind of days then in a museum, The National Museum of Scotland to be precise. Europeans know their museums and never fail to impress. What I really enjoyed about this museum specifically is the 1000 A.D exhibits. It was really interesting seeing historic remnants of the Vikings as well as remains of swords and battle gear, jewelry and dress pins. The dress pins both men and women wore in those days were huge, at least the size of my fist. There was also a Mary Queen of Scots exhibit going on in the museum but you had to pay to attend 😦

I spent the rest of the morning with my friend Alex eating falafel, grocery shopping and touring through the many thrift stores here in the city. Almost bought some super cute boots but managed to only bring home a 5 kg watermelon! Carried that thing across old town which has made me quite proud.

The rest of my day was spent at home nursing my pulled Achilles Tendon. Yes I strained it while on my hiking weekend Saturday and Sunday and now I’m here icing it and foam rolling my calve muscles like crazing all in an attempt to heal my tendon as fast as possible. I am supposed to go up Ben A’an tomorrow. The hike is gentle but regardless of the climb, it’s still 8 km in length and the last thing I want is to rip the tendon. Not only would I then be off my feet for months but I would also have to deal with health care coverage here. Maybe I can meditate my way to recovery. lol.

See you all tomorrow. Cheers!

P.S This picture is of Edinburgh Castle taken on my way to the museum.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


P.S.S At yesterdays kickboxing class, the fire alarm went off so we ended up doing part of the class in the parking lot 🙂 Never miss a chance to sweat!

Kickboxing Outside



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