New Friendships in Scotland

Day 10

Kg’s of fresh fruit ready to eat, this seems to be my new food endeavor. Why? Well first, fruit here its everywhere, every local kiosk and corner store displays fresh fruits on the streets which tempt my taste buds to no end, and second I’m finding with all this cycling, yoga, boxing, walking and hiking I’ve been doing, fruit seems to give me a ton of energy and it is digesting really well. I can eat a pile of banana’s and be on my bike ready to tackle hills in no time. I don’t seem to get that same feeling of full yet lightness with many other foods. Don’t worry mom and dad, I’m still getting plenty of nutrition 🙂 Fruititarian … maybe someday, haha; right now I just having fun exploring fresh fruits and energy.

On that note lets talk about today… well didn’t get home from the pub till quarter past eleven last night. After blogging and winding down, I hit the pillow at 1 am. This morning pulled myself out of bed round 10 am, chit chatted with the roomies, surfed the web and then went out to enjoy a cup of tea and a few hours of indulging in a good book.

Later Alex ( my friend who I met in kickboxing on Monday) and I biked around town, going to Edinburgh Castle (just the outside cause we didn’t want to pay to get in), Calton Hill and Leith. We stopped for lunch at a little cafe in Leith and chatted for a good hour. On the way home I crossed paths with some super delicious mangoes! I had to have them, some persimmons and a watermelon. Alex was so on board with trying to fit this all on my bike so I bought everything. We managed to secure the juicy contents on the back of my bike and got them home in one piece! Yay!

Mangoes and Bananas Persimmons

Spent the rest of the evening catching up with family back home and watching a movie. Tomorrow I’m going to try and look up my family crest and ancestry. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Cheers!

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