Being a Big Kid

Day 9

The weather was perfect today for a long bike ride through the curvy roads and cobblestone covered streets of Edinburgh. I began my adventure with a map, dates and water with the hope that I would make it down to Edinburgh’s coast line. After a good 45 minute peddle along Roseburn, Telford and Ferry Road bike paths,  I found myself looking out onto one of Edinburgh’s main port harbors. Unfortunately did not get a great view of the ocean but discovered this super cute little canal inlet with little shops and apartments which looked as though they were plucked straight out of a travel magazine.

IMGP8875  IMGP8879  IMGP8877  IMGP8883 IMGP8886 IMGP8898 IMGP8882 IMGP8888 IMGP8889 IMGP88887 IMGP8892 IMGP8894

I made my way back to new town, which took well over an hour after climbing countless hills and making a ton of wrong turns. I am managing to stay on the left hand side of the road at least 🙂 For lunch I stopped at Urban Angel, this local organic whole foods restaurant that does some vegan food. I had a delightfully refreshing Orange, raspberry banana smoothie and a gorgeous salad that was off the menu!

IMGP8901 IMGP8904

I was listening to some upbeat, make you wanna smile tunes like Pumped Up Kicks and Bad Moon Rising, when this intense feeling of happiness and joy came over me. I was waiting at a stop light when one of the songs came on and I just started smiling and thinking, “God life is good!”. Heading up another hill while still on this high of life I was sweating and panting yet I felt so incredibly blessed that my body was able to take the pain and push through. It’s amazing how perfect the human body is, how our lungs have been engineered to take in oxygen and supply every cell with the life it needs to complete its task. I had this stupid smile smeared on my face the whole way up this bloody hill and I swear every tourist watching me must have thought I had lost my mind, but reality is I was just being a big kid having fun concurring a hill on my awesome cheap bike 🙂 Best part about hills is what comes up must go down!!!

There is something so fun and youthful about speeding down a hill with a bike and letting your legs dangle to the sides. You feel like everything in the world is right, that nothing bad can happen and that the world is yours to take by storm.

The afternoon was spent relaxing reading a book in the park, napping and going to kickboxing and the pub after. Made more friends tonight which is always great. Best part about today is I had more fun then I have had in years!

7 thoughts on “Being a Big Kid

  1. Reading your blog make me want to retire now, rent a place in a nice european city, AND enjoy thé small stuff!

  2. Reading your blog makes me happy & makes me want to bike to class tomorrow then go to yoga on Parliament Hill!
    I’m glad you’re having an awesome time in Edinburgh 🙂

  3. You made my day! It really is the simple things in life that are sooo much fun!
    I also love that my body can walk and run …what a gift!

  4. I really like the last photo you have with the door. You got a great eye girl!..Ps I totally was walking to the gym and pump up kicks came on and all I could think of was you making me listen to in it in McCoys while we studied for Biology!! Memories ❤

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