Sights and Sounds of Edinburgh

Day 8

Another gorgeous day here in Edinburgh, 15 Celsius with a mix of sun and cloud, perfect for a day out and about exploring more of what this city has to offer.

After getting my bike “fixed” (working enough to stop me when its dry outside), I scooted downtown and had a free hour tour of the cities main street. The tour talked a lot about Edinburgh’s dark history of torturing witches and debt payers as well as the history of some monuments and architecture. For those who don’t know, Edinburgh in the 1700’s was a densely populated city that consisted of 15 story tall buildings. It wasn’t uncommon for 12-16 people to live in one room! The buildings were not properly maintained and a lot of the interior support beams were removed over years of habitation to try and make rooms bigger. As a result, many structures fell down and killed a ton of people. Most of the buildings in Edinburgh as scene today are from the mid 1800’s. There were also a bunch of really big fires that led to the destruction of most of downtown Edinburgh during the 1700-1800’s. I asked the tour guide why people didn’t simply expand to the outskirts of Edinburgh; the answer was because people believed there were dragons and witches outside the city…. that and they were afraid of the English, lolz.

Scotland IMGP8844 IMGP8845 IMGP8849 IMGP8854  IMGP8857 IMGP8859  Scottish Tour Guide   IMGP8868 IMGP8855

From a civil engineering perspective, Edinburgh is fascinating. Underneath some parts of the city there are bordered up chambers that once resembled streets and homes. The city also didn’t get a sewage system till the mid 1800’s so to think that raw sewage ran down the streets we walk on here is pretty interesting. Being in a city with so much engineering history makes me really appreciate the profession and all that it has contributed to to make our world as advanced as it is today.

After the tour I grabbed a supper jam packed baked potato with vegan haggis and made my way to the Princes Gardens for lunch. Great view and perfect lunch atmosphere 🙂 The afternoon was spent with my step brother Patrick exploring new town and the National Monument of Scotland and its lovely view of Leith and the ocean.

Vegan Haggis IMGP8872 IMGP8873 IMGP8874

I went to this amazing kickboxing self defense class tonight put on by Combat Solutions. Great turn out, lots of sweat and the whole gang went out to the pub after 🙂 It was nice getting to meet even more incredible people that have like minded views about health and fitness. Loved it so much I signed up for two weeks unlimited! Bring on those boxing muscles, gonna be the next rocky!

IMGP8863 IMGP8869 IMGP8870 IMGP8866

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